• La casa di Mish
  • La casa di Mish
  • La casa di Mish
  • La casa di Mish
  • La casa di Mish
  • La casa di Mish

In the 50s, my great-grandfather, Renato Fazio, decided to build Villa Nina on the land his wife inherited by her parents.

Initially the land, like the rest of the estate, was cultivated as a vineyard, and was so until the 70s/80s, when my grandfather, Mario Alberto Fazio, decided to uproot it because it was no longer productive.

The distance from the farm made more and more difficult controlling the crops, so since those years the land is cultivated with love and devotion by a man made unique and special by his humble and honourable origins: “don Ciccio”.

Depending on the season, our land gives us goods of an unmistakable Sicilian taste: cabbages, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, salad, artichokes, broad beans, grapes, figues, olives, that we use for delicious jams, side dishes and sauces.

In a few words, this is Casabianca, which has turn into “La Casa di Mish” since trhee years ago.
With the renovation, we kept the old structure, building a large veranda in the place where once there was a street which divides us from the rest of the
estate. It was the same street on which chairs and tables were put, where grandfather spent their afternoons with firiends or grandchildren, chatting or playing cards. This tradition is still a photographic image of our “Trinacria”.

We wanted to turn our holiday house into a Bed & Breakfast, preserving its familiar taste, to give many people the chance to enjoy moments of quiet and peacefulness, in a place where natural beauty weave with West Sicily artistic heritage.

Placed among lands rich in tastes, flavours and every Mediterranean blue tonality, “La Casa di Mish” will welcome you with the typical Sicilian hospitality, where sun, sea, sunsets and tastes of the regional cooking are the ingredients that we offer you for an unforgetable holiday.



La Casa di Mish
Contrada Casabianca 236
Marsala (TP)
+39 092 39 81 131
+39 347 04 14 583
+39 06 33 61 53 93




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